Welcome to the Blog for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the Ashland Public Schools. The work that we do is driven by our mission which is “to provide a safe, engaging, and inclusive learning environment, empowering every student to acquire and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become active, caring, and passionate life-long learners and citizens in an evolving and diverse world.”

In order to accomplish this mission we have developed a Blueprint for Continuous Student Improvement which serves to:

Improve student achievement for all students while closing the achievement gaps for our students of color, low-income status, ethnicity, English language learners and students with disabilities through targeted instruction and curriculum.

Ensure student success by supporting students, faculty, staff, and parents to develop strategies, skills, and tools necessary to maintain a healthy physical and mental well-being.

Create a district environment based on collaboration, respect, and open lines of communication through partnerships with parents, businesses, and the entire Ashland community.

Support educators in their continual effort to improve instruction and student achievement through targeted professional development, focusing on best practices, use of data, productive collaboration, and sensitivity to the needs of every student.

Our vision is that The Ashland Public Schools will be a model district that embraces the academic and social-emotional growth of all students through a supportive, collaborative and challenging experience. Our students will develop into lifelong learners who will contribute positively to society.

In order to help students and the district meet these goals, this office is responsible for:

  • Curriculum review, revision, and alignment to the Common Core State Standards
  • Oversee Title I and Title IIA grants
  • Collaborating with building level administrators and teachers to ensure vertical and horizontal curriculum development and articulation
  • Mentoring and New Teacher Induction Program
  • Create and provide professional development opportunities for staff to improve instruction
  • Analyze student performance using various data resources
  • Review and evaluate instructional materials, methods, resources, and programs to support teachers and enhance the curriculum