I was fortunate enough this week to have attended and presented at the MSSAA Principal’s conference. A future blog post will cover the message of that presentation. I always enjoyed attending this conference as I came back to work with new ideas and big picture themes to implement in the upcoming school year. I attended several break out sessions over the two days but was left thinking a lot about one from the Admin. team at Nipmuc High School. They challenged us to reimagine, redesign, and reinvent what we are doing in our schools and in our districts. This message has given me reason to pause, reflect, and plan for the upcoming school year; more importantly, it has inspired me.


Schools get “stuck” in doing things the same way. Opening days meetings, welcome back to school nights, assemblies, concerts, lesson plans, tests, projects, final exams, etc. What if we, as schools, principals, leaders took a step back and reimagined some of these events? Redesigned them? And then reinvented them? What could and what will happen? Think about that…. We can’t do it for everything we do, but what if we picked one thing a term or trimester, how could that change things in our district? My guess is it will make it better. I plan on doing this throughout the year and will challenge our team here to do the same. The end result will only benefit our kids.